Photo: Mary Ellen Mark

Photo: Mary Ellen Mark

Our Mission

Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet’s mission is to foster a rebirth of dramatic storytelling in ballet through our academy programs that provide specialized training for gifted students from around the world, and through the development of the Gelsey Kirkland Ballet, a classically oriented Professional Studio Company capable of creating and performing new and dramatic works.

Our Vision

We believe that in the art of ballet, along with all the other classical art forms, the 20th Century experiment in the abstract is coming to its logical end. Abstract ballet is increasingly seen as diminished or absent of meaning. Because of this, many audience members leave the theatre after a ballet impressed by technique and athleticism, but disappointed and unfulfilled in their connection to the performers, their hearts untouched.

We advocate a return to story ballet through the collaboration of world-class choreographers, dancers, librettists, dramaturges, composers, musical directors, designers and theatre directors.